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P3 Online Learning Program Details

Program Details

Check back often! We will be adding details as they develop.

  • Successful online students are motivated, work well independently, and have involved parents supporting them and helping them stay on track.
  • We will be using the Imagine Learning courses, taught by Washington State certified teachers. Students will also have a Snoqualmie Valley School District teacher as a Learning Plan Advisor.  The course teachers and the  Learning Plan Advisor will work together to monitor student progress and fulfill state contact requirements for online learning.
  • Imagine Learning classes are primarily asynchronous, with independent viewing of recorded classes. Support from P3 teachers will be available for core courses, and support from Imagine Learning for electives.
  • While students may work at their own pace, this primarily means they can work ahead. Course progress is monitored closely, with recommended pacing for each course. Students are expected to keep up with the pace.
  • P3 teachers and the Learning Plan Advisor will closely monitor each student’s progress. Parent engagement in a meeting and follow-up support from home are expected when students are not making adequate progress. At all levels, parents are encouraged to be involved in their student’s learning and closely monitor their progress.
  • Washington State considers online learning to be an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE). All students in ALE are required to have weekly two-way contact with their teacher and monthly progress checks that are communicated both to the student and parent. If satisfactory progress is not being made, an intervention plan will be implemented to help improve performance. If students continue not to progress, they will be returned to their in-person school. 
  • K-5 students will be evaluated monthly for progress, and 6-12 students will receive semester grades based on the SVSD A-F grading scale -- aligning with the  SVSD school calendar. For students taking high school courses, these grades will be reflected on their SVSD transcript. Parents will be able to monitor their student's progress.
  • If your child is served in our Highly Capable, ELL and/or Special Education programs, SVSD staff will work with your family to ensure your child’s learning needs are met in alignment with the support your child would receive in person.
  • Elementary students will be enrolled in regular core classes, including 4th grade Washington State History. Availability of electives is TBD.
  • Middle School students will be enrolled in Language Arts, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, and Health/Fitness/PE. Washington State History is included for 7th grade. MS students may choose an elective (electives list TBD)
  • High School students will work with a counselor to select courses that are aligned with the student's plan towards graduation. 

Enrollment Information

  • Students participating in the P3 Online Learning option will remain enrolled in the Snoqualmie Valley School District. Participation does not require enrolling in a separate program outside of our district. Students are not enrolled in Imagine Learning, they are just accessing the Imagine Learning courses through SVSD.
  • Students selecting the P3 Online Learning program will no longer be enrolled in their neighborhood schools as their enrollment will transfer to the SVSD Parent Partnership Program.
  • Students may access extracurricular activities while enrolled. Please contact the main office of your current school, if interested.  
  • Students in P3 Online Learning cannot take in-person courses at their neighborhood schools. Students will either be enrolled at their neighborhood schools for in-person learning, in the Parent Partnership Program for online learning, or in the P3 in-person program. We are not offering blended programs. 
  • Student grades, records, and transcripts will be issued through the Parent Partnership Program, not through the current neighborhood school.
  • Students enrolled in the program will be designated as participating in an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE). Staff members will work with students based on state expectations for ALE programs, to include course monitoring and required steps schools must take related to truancy and lack of academic progress.
  • For the sake of smooth transitions and accuracy in records of student progress, a student wishing to return to in-person learning at their neighborhood school at a later date should plan this timing with the district’s grading periods, either trimesters (K-5) or quarters/semesters (6-12). Requests to enroll in online learning will be accepted for the first week of each term.

If you have additional questions regarding the P3 Online Learning program, email Please be patient, due to high email volumes it may take several days for a reply. Emails are being answered in the order they are received.