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Principal's Corner


Catherine Fredenburg lives in the Snoqualmie Valley School District with her family.  Her husband teaches in the district and her three young kids are future SVSD students.  Catherine loves living in the Valley for the small-town feel and access to the outdoors.  You can frequently find Catherine biking or skiing with her family or enjoying the numerous other outdoor opportunities in the area.  Catherine is also a member of the Si View Metro Parks District board of directors, where she works to provide quality parks and outdoor opportunities for all.

Prior to going into school administration, Catherine taught at Chief Kanim Middle School. Catherine has spent the last seven years in the Lake Washington School District as Associate principal at Eastlake High School and most recently at Emerson High School (a school of choice similar to Two Rivers), Emerson K-12 (Parent Partnership Program), and Northstar Middle School. Fredenburg earned her bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic State University, and her master’s from the University of Washington with her principal endorsement in 2015.  Catherine is passionate about developing strong school systems to ensure each student gets the support they need when they need it.