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Robyn Kolke Secretary & Registrar

Robyn Kolke

  My name is Robyn Kolke, and I'm the P3 Secretary.  Some of my duties include maintaining the curriculum library, ordering curriculum for families, student records, and communication with families. Please feel free to come visit me in Portable 930, or email me with any questions at As a homeschooling parent of 3 and a P3 alumni, I have lots of experience to draw on when it comes to helping families in our program. I'm always happy to answer questions and share our family's experiences. We live in North Bend, and share our home with a large number of pets - cats, a dog, many reptiles, and fish.  We enjoy listening to and performing jazz music, and are very involved in JazzClubsNW.  I'm also a Boy Scout and Sea Scout leader, and our kids are all involved in Scouting. I love that homeschooling affords our kids the opportunity to pursue their passions, be it art, music, acting, hobbies, or messing around in boats.