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P3 is a program for families who reside in the Snoqualmie Valley School District. P3 students are enrolled in the district, and registered in the program.

To begin the registration process, please contact Robyn Kolke, the P3 secretary, at or 425-831-4232. Robyn can answer questions about the program and send information. The next step is to meet with a P3 teacher to further discuss how the program can meet your family's needs. 

When it's determined that P3 is a good choice and the parents are ready to proceed, there are 2 parts to registration. If the student is currently enrolled in a district school, a transfer form is submitted to P3. If the student is not currently enrolled, the parent must complete the online enrollment process. When district enrollment or transfer is complete, there is an additional registration form for P3. 

District Enrollment Process