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Volunteer Expectations

VOLUNTEER GUIDE (for when parents are allowed back in the building)

Volunteers are what makes this experience more enjoyable for the children! The teachers have compiled some ideas as to where they need help while the parents are here.

Help the children that need help. Sometimes it is easy to spend your whole time with your own child. Keep an eye out for other kids that may need help. There is a balance with helping the children and doing it for them. When a child needs help try and give them some questions that may lead them to the answer. Pay attention to the teachers instructions. This way when it is time to help, you know what to do. If something is unclear, ask the teacher. This will model to the student’s to ask when they need help.

This program offers a great resource to communicate with other parents. If it is your day to volunteer, this is not the time to chat. If you are not volunteering, this might be a good time to meet other parents at a coffee shop or talk in the library.

If you are bringing in your younger children, you may want to bring in their favorite (soundless) toy or set them up with some coloring. Small children can love this opportunity to practice being in school. 

At the end of the class, please hang out at the door and make sure you make eye contact with the parents. This is a parent partnership program and that means that it is important that the parents are on time to pick up their child but we want to take this extra step for safety.

It is so easy to get distracted for anyone these days. Please keep your phone put away, so you can focus on the students. If you need to have your phone for emergencies, please be sure it is on vibrate.

Watch the kids that are running around and doing things other than what they should be doing.

There are many components that create this experience, if by any chance, you are not needed by the kids, we may have some other things that need to be done. Just ask!

The only way this program works is with the help of parent volunteers. It is required to volunteer on a monthly basis and we will have a sign-up form. Many parents find it easiest to pick a day of a month and keep that date every month for the remainder of the year. Of course emergencies come up and if you cannot make your scheduled spot because of an emergency, you will need to find someone to swap with. 

By signing below you understand and agree to these expectations.

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